Friday, May 18, 2007

Carnival of Black Degradation

Hey everyone, sorry for the REALLY late update. I really didn't feel inspiration, until today, when I saw the most degrading thing at school... If you don't like rants, oh well. No likey, no readie.

Today was the school carnival, music blaring and rides everywhere, and everyone was having a good time, except me. I was having fun until they started playing Superman and Pop, Lock, and Drop It. I was walking around, eating my favorite carnival treat, cotton candy, until the dance contest started. Pop, Lock, and Drop It was playing, and girls were dancing to it. Heck, even the teachers were doing it! Yes, the teachers. I thought they were supposed to teach how to do academics, not how to be a stripper! So everyone while was 'Popping', 'Locking' and 'Dropping', I was watching my language arts teacher doing the Superman. It was degrading, and the principal was right there! Seriously, something is wrong with them.

Now the music, that was the worst. They played the full version of them, cuss words and all. Teachers and students alike were singing to them, and I was so ashamed. But the rappers, are they high or something? I mean, where do these guys come from? And what the heck are they smoking? I think the world would be a better place if they weren't there, or at least not add cuss words, drugs, money & whores in their songs. I thought Georgia was the Bible Belt, not the Gangster Belt. I mean, how can people be gangsters, & worship God at the same time? That's like saying your Jewish, but your a strict Muslim. Oh, and I don't buy that stuff about "Hey, I only believe in some parts, so that makes it okay to bust up a man." And "I did it for my brothas. I gotta represent, ya know? God understand." That's B.S! You don't have to 'represent', and if I was God, I sure wouldn't understand. And if you think that just cause you don't believe in all of the bible makes you able to kill a man, then you must be stoned off your rocker. That would be like saying, your a vegetarian, but you eat beef. ITS STILL MEAT PEOPLE! Jeez...

Ah, that was better. Its good to release frustration through some good writing. That's another thing! (Uh oh, I got started again...) Black kids really need to control their tempers, because there are about two fights a day! Discipline people, discipline! And what's with the yo mama stuff? As funny as it is, why must we talk about the woman who spent nine months of pain & dizzy spells to get you out of her stomach and into the world? And while we are on the subject of jokes, did you hear black jokes? They are based on the ghetto, where the said ghetto people stand out. I mean, like "Why don't black people like country music? Cause when ever they say 'Hoe Down', they think someone shot their sister." And "You know how we know Adam and Eve weren't black? Well, did you ever try taking a rib from a black guy?" That's funny. Funny, but degrading.

Now I am finally done. Not bad for a kid in 7Th grade, huh?