Saturday, November 3, 2007

Where It Came From:: "Shake Your Ass"

It's been a while, but I don't really care, as this is something I do when I am bored. But I feel I should notify you where certain elements of rap videos came from, and how it is keeping us in the "Modern Slavery", or as I have heard it been called, "White Supremacy".

The element I shall call out first, the ass shaking.

Back in the time of slavery, in the slave markets, they raised little black girls, or as thy called them, "Nigresses", to pleasure the "Mastah", by dancing and seduction. The dancing consisted of shaking the behind, as quote a trainer from the movie Goodbye Uncle Tom, "Stop shaking your shoulders and shake your ass!"

Some Short Related Info

1. In those same slave markets, they raised little boys to be homosexual for Mastahs that liked the opposite gender, which sold for about 3000 in money at least.

2. Slaves with large, ahem, 'attributes', were sold for more money or kept as prized possessions.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Rant On Racism

Hello, everyone. I hope you're day is not usual. Sorry for not posting anything, but school started, and I hate it. The kids are as mean as ever, teachers laying on the class work and hallways rowdy. Nothing special. Anyway, I found something interesting at a bookstore in GA called Shrine of the Black Madonna... It was next to the usual Saturday black meeting... It had a Black Holocaust exhibit, where I read this poem.

Lest We Forget

We shall never forget

How you came into our villages,

Like thieves in the night.

Plotting in your greed to do us harm.

How you tricked our people into betraying one another,

How you decived us with your flashy trinkets,

And your phony GOD... We will remember...


No, we must not forget

The millions of lives that were lost at your hands.

The blood that was spilled at your pleasure.

The devious manner in which you exploited our hospitable nature.

Disrupting the of our sacred civilized culture.

How you raped our mother-- Africa!

And then dared to laugh at her shame...

We will ALWAYS remember...

No lapse in time will help us forget,

Will amend the sorrow you caused,

Will forgive the destruction you reaped.

The way you captured us, like savage hunters after wild game.

Splitting up our families, dragging us in chains,

Packing us on cramped slave ships,

Scattering us to distant places far from familiar shores.

Leaving others behind to wonder

In agony and bewilderment--

What have we done to deserve this?

Forever, we will remember!

Our souls will not let us forget,

How they turned us into a non-people,

Erasng ALL memories, all links to our identity.

Forcing us to work, and to slave for your profit and glory,

For your selfishness and gain...

Eternally, we will remember...

Your evilness, your wicked, inhuman ways...

And we will warn our children, and their children for generations to come,

It will be remembered... Because as long as we remember

It will never happen again!

It's the kind of poem that makes you think, you know? The kind that makes you want to look into more about the slavery and such. But there is one flaw, in my opinion.

Quote, "It will be remembered... Because as long as we remember

It will never happen again!" Unquote.

Okay, what the person didn't realize is that we are in another form of slavery, but slavery none the less. You see, when black kids are born, most of them are boys. By 12 years old, the girls out populate the boys. Why? Because white folks are arresting them. Black males are the ones that are aimmed at, for example, a white woman can sleep with a black man willingly, then the next day goes in with her amazing acting talents with tears streaming down her face, saying, "Oh god! He just came out with a gun, telling me to take off my clothes and etc, etc, etc." Something to that effect. And you know what? They'll believe her. Its fucked up.

What are the white people watching? ATL? BET? Or are they just listening to some faggot black guy that has no shame or dignity, talking about 'Gangstas', 'Pimps', and 'Playas'? I say D- All of the above.

Well, that's all for now, see ya!

~Black Rose

Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Day of the Black School

Yay! Today is the last day! Woot! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE! But this isn't the reason why I'm posting this. Today was the last day, & it started at the last period.

There was this boy who pushed everyone for no reason. When he got to me, I yelled at him. "What the hell is your problem?" So he called me a bitch.

My teacher, Mrs....... looked up and said. "Boy, when she beats the hell out of you, I'm not gonna say anything." He laughed, until my fist collided with his jaw. That felt sooooo good!

He dropped hard up and looked up, a bit of blood coming from the side of his mouth. "Mrs. ......." He whined like a baby. She just gave him the 'I told you' look, and then everybody started to beat him up. "This is for stealing my money!" One boy said. Then my best friend came up, she, uhh, cracked his nuts.... "That's for breakin my glasses you B***H!" Now as funny as this is, there is a reason for me putting it up.

Do you see how quickly these days black kids attack another black kid when he gets knocked down?

Though I'm not exactly taking his side, because I was enjoying it. It is still wrong. How low can we go? Really I don't want to find out. We are becoming cowards, only fighting in a group, not that fighting is good, anyway. We are so dumb.... Actin all high 'n mighty and at the end of the day, we don't do anything!

Not by ourselves, anyway.

Yes, I did join them in the all famous beating of that boy, whose face will never be same, nor will his teeth, and now I'm criticizing us, but hey, I'm not an angel. I'm a child telling the truth.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Carnival of Black Degradation

Hey everyone, sorry for the REALLY late update. I really didn't feel inspiration, until today, when I saw the most degrading thing at school... If you don't like rants, oh well. No likey, no readie.

Today was the school carnival, music blaring and rides everywhere, and everyone was having a good time, except me. I was having fun until they started playing Superman and Pop, Lock, and Drop It. I was walking around, eating my favorite carnival treat, cotton candy, until the dance contest started. Pop, Lock, and Drop It was playing, and girls were dancing to it. Heck, even the teachers were doing it! Yes, the teachers. I thought they were supposed to teach how to do academics, not how to be a stripper! So everyone while was 'Popping', 'Locking' and 'Dropping', I was watching my language arts teacher doing the Superman. It was degrading, and the principal was right there! Seriously, something is wrong with them.

Now the music, that was the worst. They played the full version of them, cuss words and all. Teachers and students alike were singing to them, and I was so ashamed. But the rappers, are they high or something? I mean, where do these guys come from? And what the heck are they smoking? I think the world would be a better place if they weren't there, or at least not add cuss words, drugs, money & whores in their songs. I thought Georgia was the Bible Belt, not the Gangster Belt. I mean, how can people be gangsters, & worship God at the same time? That's like saying your Jewish, but your a strict Muslim. Oh, and I don't buy that stuff about "Hey, I only believe in some parts, so that makes it okay to bust up a man." And "I did it for my brothas. I gotta represent, ya know? God understand." That's B.S! You don't have to 'represent', and if I was God, I sure wouldn't understand. And if you think that just cause you don't believe in all of the bible makes you able to kill a man, then you must be stoned off your rocker. That would be like saying, your a vegetarian, but you eat beef. ITS STILL MEAT PEOPLE! Jeez...

Ah, that was better. Its good to release frustration through some good writing. That's another thing! (Uh oh, I got started again...) Black kids really need to control their tempers, because there are about two fights a day! Discipline people, discipline! And what's with the yo mama stuff? As funny as it is, why must we talk about the woman who spent nine months of pain & dizzy spells to get you out of her stomach and into the world? And while we are on the subject of jokes, did you hear black jokes? They are based on the ghetto, where the said ghetto people stand out. I mean, like "Why don't black people like country music? Cause when ever they say 'Hoe Down', they think someone shot their sister." And "You know how we know Adam and Eve weren't black? Well, did you ever try taking a rib from a black guy?" That's funny. Funny, but degrading.

Now I am finally done. Not bad for a kid in 7Th grade, huh?

Thursday, March 22, 2007


This is my first blog. It doesn't matter if you like it or not. If you don't like it, stop reading.

This is a child's view on the black nation. This blog will describe the black school, the changes, & how far the generations are falling in a 12 year old's eyes. I hope people learn that they have to make sure they're kids don't fall, because when they land, its gonna hurt.

The Black School

First, I wish to state my opinion on the fellow kids in the black schools.

I don't understand why black kids want to be gangsters, players, pimps, etc. They can't see that no one really lives like that, only a few nut jobs. But because they stand out, the successful people are hard to see. Another problem is the music. Because the beat is good, the lyrics don't really matter. But I believe that the lyrics are sending messages to you subconscious, making you think that you can do certain things it says they can do. Seriously, I heard one boy on our bus saying he was gonna be a drug dealer!

This is one of the problems for black America. The white people are labeling black people dangerous & destructive because they only see the gangster wanna Be's. Parents, please, & I mean PLEASE, try to get your kids to stop being gangsters. Most of those nut jobs end up dead. They don't even get a good education, dropping out of high school or middle school. Thus, we need to get the kids on the right road.

Another thing. Every generation is getting weaker physically, & stronger vocally. I should know. I have been hit and been in a few fights. None of those hits had hurt much. But the things that come out of they're mouths are horrible. Thus, the phrase the bark is worse than the bite, comes true.

Why are the black generations coming to an end like this? Simple. Because of influence. Music, books, TV, commercials, posters, stores, almost everything. So please, parents, try to stop your kids from falling. As I put in the intro, when they land, its gonna hurt.

Gangster Wrap

No, the title is not a pun. I consider the music business to be a python. It keeps wrapping around the black artist until they expire. These are the steps. And yes, I do know how the music business works, even though I'm 12.

1. The python[The manger/agent/producer] searches for some talent, or good looking people for it's prey.

2. After finding a mouse[the artist], the python slowly slithers its way to the mouse's mind, using compliments, mind games & filling the mouse's head with illusions of money & fame.

3. After the mouse agrees, the mouse goes on a tour, getting fame, money, women, etc. It doesn't know is that it's being cheated, Most of the money goes to the python, while the mouse goes bankrupt without it's knowledge.

4. After the mouse finds its bankrupt, & that the python won't help, it goes into either depression, or extreme anger.

5. Now there are two parts of this step. If the mouse is depressed, it will start taking drugs, until it have an over dose & expire. Or, if the mouse becomes angry, it will take a gun a bust something up. If the mouse kill someone, they they are executed. If it doesn't, it will most likely have life in prison.

These steps are the usual out comes of a python's hunt. Some mice outcome's are different, but this is the main thing. If you have a different opinion, oh well. This is my point of view.