Saturday, November 3, 2007

Where It Came From:: "Shake Your Ass"

It's been a while, but I don't really care, as this is something I do when I am bored. But I feel I should notify you where certain elements of rap videos came from, and how it is keeping us in the "Modern Slavery", or as I have heard it been called, "White Supremacy".

The element I shall call out first, the ass shaking.

Back in the time of slavery, in the slave markets, they raised little black girls, or as thy called them, "Nigresses", to pleasure the "Mastah", by dancing and seduction. The dancing consisted of shaking the behind, as quote a trainer from the movie Goodbye Uncle Tom, "Stop shaking your shoulders and shake your ass!"

Some Short Related Info

1. In those same slave markets, they raised little boys to be homosexual for Mastahs that liked the opposite gender, which sold for about 3000 in money at least.

2. Slaves with large, ahem, 'attributes', were sold for more money or kept as prized possessions.

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