Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Black School

First, I wish to state my opinion on the fellow kids in the black schools.

I don't understand why black kids want to be gangsters, players, pimps, etc. They can't see that no one really lives like that, only a few nut jobs. But because they stand out, the successful people are hard to see. Another problem is the music. Because the beat is good, the lyrics don't really matter. But I believe that the lyrics are sending messages to you subconscious, making you think that you can do certain things it says they can do. Seriously, I heard one boy on our bus saying he was gonna be a drug dealer!

This is one of the problems for black America. The white people are labeling black people dangerous & destructive because they only see the gangster wanna Be's. Parents, please, & I mean PLEASE, try to get your kids to stop being gangsters. Most of those nut jobs end up dead. They don't even get a good education, dropping out of high school or middle school. Thus, we need to get the kids on the right road.

Another thing. Every generation is getting weaker physically, & stronger vocally. I should know. I have been hit and been in a few fights. None of those hits had hurt much. But the things that come out of they're mouths are horrible. Thus, the phrase the bark is worse than the bite, comes true.

Why are the black generations coming to an end like this? Simple. Because of influence. Music, books, TV, commercials, posters, stores, almost everything. So please, parents, try to stop your kids from falling. As I put in the intro, when they land, its gonna hurt.

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