Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Day of the Black School

Yay! Today is the last day! Woot! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE! But this isn't the reason why I'm posting this. Today was the last day, & it started at the last period.

There was this boy who pushed everyone for no reason. When he got to me, I yelled at him. "What the hell is your problem?" So he called me a bitch.

My teacher, Mrs....... looked up and said. "Boy, when she beats the hell out of you, I'm not gonna say anything." He laughed, until my fist collided with his jaw. That felt sooooo good!

He dropped hard up and looked up, a bit of blood coming from the side of his mouth. "Mrs. ......." He whined like a baby. She just gave him the 'I told you' look, and then everybody started to beat him up. "This is for stealing my money!" One boy said. Then my best friend came up, she, uhh, cracked his nuts.... "That's for breakin my glasses you B***H!" Now as funny as this is, there is a reason for me putting it up.

Do you see how quickly these days black kids attack another black kid when he gets knocked down?

Though I'm not exactly taking his side, because I was enjoying it. It is still wrong. How low can we go? Really I don't want to find out. We are becoming cowards, only fighting in a group, not that fighting is good, anyway. We are so dumb.... Actin all high 'n mighty and at the end of the day, we don't do anything!

Not by ourselves, anyway.

Yes, I did join them in the all famous beating of that boy, whose face will never be same, nor will his teeth, and now I'm criticizing us, but hey, I'm not an angel. I'm a child telling the truth.


Anonymous said...

"We are so dumb.... Actin all high 'n mighty and at the end of the day, we don't do anything!"
I personally think the teacher who made the comment is also responsible for the dumbness. Although kids today are yesterday were violent least where I grew up. It took logical and strong adults to set bullies and foolish ones straight. Behavior is a learned and taught cycle. That is if you plan to make it in the larger world outside of what you currently see. An insult is not the end all of attaining self respect and dignity. A fist to the face is not the end all be all solution...even if it FEELS good. That teacher who made the early comment to the boy could have taught a lesson about what getting, keeping and earning respect is all about in the bigger world and not just on the school yard scene. So a bunch of cowards can now free their frustrations on a habitual bully. No problem solving skills required. No negotiation tactics involved. So I guess at some point someome will be taught and will learn how to be a leader among a group of dummies and take intelligent action vs. reaction.

Michael Fisher said...

Well, I don't know... Bullies need to be taught that there are limits. Young girls used to be off-limits to male bullies.

Bullies by the very definition of Bully are usually not open to a reasoned discourse.

Black Rose said...

To anonymous- Okay... I dunno if thats an insult or a compliment.... And I really don't wanna know.

To micheal fisher- True.