Monday, August 27, 2007

A Rant On Racism

Hello, everyone. I hope you're day is not usual. Sorry for not posting anything, but school started, and I hate it. The kids are as mean as ever, teachers laying on the class work and hallways rowdy. Nothing special. Anyway, I found something interesting at a bookstore in GA called Shrine of the Black Madonna... It was next to the usual Saturday black meeting... It had a Black Holocaust exhibit, where I read this poem.

Lest We Forget

We shall never forget

How you came into our villages,

Like thieves in the night.

Plotting in your greed to do us harm.

How you tricked our people into betraying one another,

How you decived us with your flashy trinkets,

And your phony GOD... We will remember...


No, we must not forget

The millions of lives that were lost at your hands.

The blood that was spilled at your pleasure.

The devious manner in which you exploited our hospitable nature.

Disrupting the of our sacred civilized culture.

How you raped our mother-- Africa!

And then dared to laugh at her shame...

We will ALWAYS remember...

No lapse in time will help us forget,

Will amend the sorrow you caused,

Will forgive the destruction you reaped.

The way you captured us, like savage hunters after wild game.

Splitting up our families, dragging us in chains,

Packing us on cramped slave ships,

Scattering us to distant places far from familiar shores.

Leaving others behind to wonder

In agony and bewilderment--

What have we done to deserve this?

Forever, we will remember!

Our souls will not let us forget,

How they turned us into a non-people,

Erasng ALL memories, all links to our identity.

Forcing us to work, and to slave for your profit and glory,

For your selfishness and gain...

Eternally, we will remember...

Your evilness, your wicked, inhuman ways...

And we will warn our children, and their children for generations to come,

It will be remembered... Because as long as we remember

It will never happen again!

It's the kind of poem that makes you think, you know? The kind that makes you want to look into more about the slavery and such. But there is one flaw, in my opinion.

Quote, "It will be remembered... Because as long as we remember

It will never happen again!" Unquote.

Okay, what the person didn't realize is that we are in another form of slavery, but slavery none the less. You see, when black kids are born, most of them are boys. By 12 years old, the girls out populate the boys. Why? Because white folks are arresting them. Black males are the ones that are aimmed at, for example, a white woman can sleep with a black man willingly, then the next day goes in with her amazing acting talents with tears streaming down her face, saying, "Oh god! He just came out with a gun, telling me to take off my clothes and etc, etc, etc." Something to that effect. And you know what? They'll believe her. Its fucked up.

What are the white people watching? ATL? BET? Or are they just listening to some faggot black guy that has no shame or dignity, talking about 'Gangstas', 'Pimps', and 'Playas'? I say D- All of the above.

Well, that's all for now, see ya!

~Black Rose

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fedupvet said...

fedupvet said...
If i remeber right,it wasn't the white man who came into the villages and took us away as black rose mentioned.

I believe our own black brothers came and took us and made a few bucks off of us.

They took us and chained us and marched us for days,while leaving some of us to die along theway.

So you see it is not just white against black, but rather Evil against Good.

I see so much of that going on today with DRUGS,SPEECH,ETC.

May God forgive us all for our silence on these things also.