Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gangster Wrap

No, the title is not a pun. I consider the music business to be a python. It keeps wrapping around the black artist until they expire. These are the steps. And yes, I do know how the music business works, even though I'm 12.

1. The python[The manger/agent/producer] searches for some talent, or good looking people for it's prey.

2. After finding a mouse[the artist], the python slowly slithers its way to the mouse's mind, using compliments, mind games & filling the mouse's head with illusions of money & fame.

3. After the mouse agrees, the mouse goes on a tour, getting fame, money, women, etc. It doesn't know is that it's being cheated, Most of the money goes to the python, while the mouse goes bankrupt without it's knowledge.

4. After the mouse finds its bankrupt, & that the python won't help, it goes into either depression, or extreme anger.

5. Now there are two parts of this step. If the mouse is depressed, it will start taking drugs, until it have an over dose & expire. Or, if the mouse becomes angry, it will take a gun a bust something up. If the mouse kill someone, they they are executed. If it doesn't, it will most likely have life in prison.

These steps are the usual out comes of a python's hunt. Some mice outcome's are different, but this is the main thing. If you have a different opinion, oh well. This is my point of view.


Freeda Blackman said...

I had little hope for the younger generation
at least now I am hopeful

whether or not you are a child like you claim
I am impressed

Michael Fisher said...
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Michael Fisher said...
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Boo said...

*wonders what the deleted comments were*

Black Rose said...

@Boo- Nothin bad.

@freeda blackman- I am a kid.

a grown black woman teacher said...

You might, and that is a big might, be Black, but you damn sure aint a child.

fedupvet said...

If i remeber right,it wasn't the white man who came into the villages and took us away as black rose mentioned.

I believe our own black brothers came and took us and made a few bucks off of us.

They took us and chained us and marched us for days,while leaving some of us to die along theway.

So you see it is not just white against black, but rather Evil against Good.

I see so much of that going on today with DRUGS,SPEECH,ETC.

May God forgive us all for our silence on these things also.